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Stupid Fly Tippers & Other News


Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of rubbish on public or private land. It can be old furniture, clothing, building material or bags of everyday items, but whatever it is, it’s filthy and often dangerous. Fly tipping is also against the law, and those responsible can be fined. So when offenders get caught on CCTV, no one has much sympathy – but you just can’t believe how stupid fly tippers can be. 

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Swedish Death Cleaning & Other News

We’d all like to have a slightly tidier, more ordered and less cluttered house. Perhaps, like my family, you have an attic full of old LPs and clothes, or boxes of old Lego hidden in a built-in wardrobe, or even bookshelves full of books with spines that have long faded. Two news articles published recently provide some helpful tips to help make the process of de-cluttering a little easier.

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London Underground Superbugs & Other News


It would seem that superbugs are not just a problem in hospitals but they are also to be found in a very unlikely setting: the London Underground. Seats, hand rails and walls of trains on the network were tested by researchers from the London Metropolitan University who discovered 121 types of bacteria and mould. More alarmingly, the scientists also identified nine of the world’s most dangerous superbugs and labelled the underground a “hotbed of bacteria”.

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