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Swedish Death Cleaning & Other News

We’d all like to have a slightly tidier, more ordered and less cluttered house. Perhaps, like my family, you have an attic full of old LPs and clothes, or boxes of old Lego hidden in a built-in wardrobe, or even bookshelves full of books with spines that have long faded. Two news articles published recently provide some helpful tips to help make the process of de-cluttering a little easier.

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London Underground Superbugs & Other News

It would seem that superbugs are not just a problem in hospitals but they are also to be found in a very unlikely setting: the London Underground. Seats, hand rails and walls of trains on the network were tested by researchers from the London Metropolitan University who discovered 121 types of bacteria and mould. More alarmingly, the scientists also identified nine of the world’s most dangerous superbugs and labelled the underground a “hotbed of bacteria”.

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Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Let’s be honest, none of us like cleaning the kitchen. The thought of being up to our armpits in scrubbing brushes and bleach, doesn’t fill us with joy and all those adverts of people cleaning their kitchens with a big happy smile? It’s a lie. So here are a few tried and tested methods to keep a clean kitchen and hold onto your sanity at the same time.

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A Practical Cleaning Guide Via Mumsnet

We’d all like to live inside the pages of an interior design magazine. You know the ones, with the spotless white sofa, the coffee table with just one artfully placed objet d’art and a copy of Elle Decoration and the acres of polished oak flooring stretching on for ever without a half empty coffee mug or abandoned child’s toy anywhere in sight.

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