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Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of rubbish on public or private land. It can be old furniture, clothing, building material or bags of everyday items, but whatever it is, it’s filthy and often dangerous. Fly tipping is also against the law, and those responsible can be fined. So when offenders get caught on CCTV, no one has much sympathy – but you just can’t believe how stupid fly tippers can be. 

Van emblazoned with company name used in fly tipping 

A furniture company, aptly named Crazy Discounts, had clearly lost their marbles when they used a vehicle displaying the shop’s logo to fly tip. To make matters even worse, the tippers deposited their old mattresses just meters from their store in north London. CCTV caught the workers throwing discarded beds in an alley way just along the road from the business, and the footage was used as evidence to take them to court. The shop was forced to pay to clean up the filthy alley, and a £10, 000 fine was imposed as well. 

In Streatham, putting the bins out takes on a whole new meaning 

One thoughtless woman in a quiet residential street needed her wheelie bin emptied, and so she promptly tipped it upside down on a neighbour’s driveway. The rubbish collectors had just been along the street so the reason her bin was not empty is unclear. She could have been too late putting her bin out, or the collectors may have missed her, but either way, she was having none of it. Her personal rubbish was deposited partially in her neighbour’s garden, and partially on the public pavement. 

Stuart Garforth, the owner of the driveway, had CCTV and was shocked to view the blonde-haired lady fly tipping so brazenly in broad daylight. He posted his footage on social media in the hope of naming the offender, and helping his neighbourhood. The council are investigating after seeing the post on Twitter, and hope to locate the woman to take matters further. 

Notting Hill Carnival makes a mess of things 

Each year, the huge two-day party that takes place in the streets of London produces 300 tonnes of mess. The rubbish that is left behind is not only unsightly, but it can be dangerous too, so getting it off the streets quickly is a big priority. 

Along with food, glitter and water bottles is broken glass and signs of drug use so a team of 200 workers are employed to start the clean up as soon as the festivities end. Toiling through the night, there are bags, boxes and sacks of rubbish to be collected come sunrise. There are also a large number of portable loos that need emptying and removing. Not a job for the faint-hearted.