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Power Cleaning Grout 
You’ve shined your taps, polished your tiles and everything in the room emits the sweet smell of your favourite disinfectant, but there is still one thing that lets your bathroom cleaning down. Grout. We’ve all been there. We’ve all felt disheartened at seeing yellow-brown smudges on those once crisp, white lines. It seemed nothing we did could prise off the grime, until we discovered this amazing hack.

As with all cleaning hacks, the right tool makes little of hard work, but this time the magic product is not a sponge or a new cleaning fluid. When the stain is too tough for scrubbing it’s time to call in the big guns, or a power drill, to be more specific. When housewife Melanie Smiley asked her husband to clean the grout, she thought his strong hands would give him more elbow grease to tackle the stain. Imagine her surprise to find him, some time later, attacking her bathroom tiles with his latest power tool. By simply attaching an old toothbrush to the head of his drill, instead of a drill-bit, Tim had created a home-made grout scrubber which was magically removing the black stains in seconds, and with no effort on his part. While you may feel brave enough to attempt this adaption yourself, you will also find plenty of purpose-made electric scrubbers on the market which work in the same way. Like giant electric toothbrushes, they scour away all black smears to leave your grout looking like new.

Stop Stinky Shoes

Another hack, this time for your shoes, uses the nation’s favourite: teabags. We all have that pair of trainers or leather shoes that smell like old cheese no matter how many different products try. An old strategy to beat them all is to take a teabag, any variety will do, and pop it in the shoes for as long as possible. It will draw out any moisture, along with any smell, leaving the shoes as fresh as new.

Sweeping Out Predators

Two Russian cleaners found themselves in hot water recently, while cleaning the cage of a polar bear which suddenly appeared, trapping one woman inside. Using only her dustpan and broom, the brave Mrs Mop maintained eye-contact and, brandishing her cleaning tools like a sword and shield, was able to safely leave the cage. We all know cleanliness saves lives but didn’t realise defence against germs also meant defence against larger predators