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Being customer focused is the only way a cleaning company can cope with a food processing plant. Assertio Services is not only focused but can pride itself on its tailored service that meets the requirements of a food processing plant.

We ensure that we comply with the ISO9002. We enjoy being partners with our clients to ensure that we provide a service that is flexible, stringent and reliable.

We Know that variation in the production types can be crucial, that is why we chemical clean, water flush to ensure that there is no cross contamination.

We will understand your business by attending production planning meetings and also to keep abreast of day to day changes.

Our quality systems are second to none, with regular compliance audits and key performance indicators that are never compromised. We see ourselves not only as a cleaning company but a food hygiene company.

We understand cleaning and its limits. We are capable of cleaning all food contact surfaces, wall surfaces, ceilings, overhead pipes, can runs and conveyors, as well as in-feeds and dischargers of sterilisers; Inspection and unblocking of very complex maze of production drains; and so on. Janitorial and office cleaning are also part of the services provided by our team.

Our weekly in-depth clean is second to none. At Assertio services we are the best at manual cleaning, even though we also use the latest in cleaning technology such as ultrasonic, foam, and fogging systems to ensure that your food processing plant is microbiologically clean.