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Contract, Commercial, Hotel, School, Retail, Restaurant, Kitchen, End of Tenancy & Office Deep Cleaning Company based in London

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  • Are your cleaners late?
  • Are your cleaners friendly and polite?
  • Do you get the same cleaners every day?
  • Does your contract cleaning company use quality chemicals and equipment?

If any of the questions is a no, why don’t you contact us for a free no obligation quote. We know your problems and will provide the solutions.

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Assertio Cleaning Company Review:
5/5 stars
"I want to thank Assertio and most particularly Marcello, who has been so helpful and professional in our Covent Garden shop and also in our newly open location in Bluewater. I rarely met someone so dedicated to his job and to his clients. He even thought about wishing me my birthday..."

Assertio Cleaning Company Review:
5/5 stars
"Since using Assertio Services, from the first day we have been very pleased, we have not had a day when a cleaner has not turned up for work. They are friendly and hard working. They constantly try to be better at what they do. Problems and issues are dealt quickly and without hesitation"

office contract cleaners london
commercial contract cleaners london

Ask yourself these questions?

  • Do your cleaners work beyond the call of duty?
  • Is your cleaning company competitively priced?
  • Are your cleaners adequately supervised?
  • Do the cleaning managers visit the site often?

If any of the above questions is a no, why don't you contact us for a free no obligation quote. We know your problems and will provide the solutions.

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