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Does anybody really like to clean? Well, maybe the professionals do, after all, they’ve turned it into a business, but for millions of men and women, cleaning is a ghastly chore. But did you know that cleaning can be good for you?

Take this woman in Dublin for instance. On October 27 she purchased a EuroMillions ticket in a little Irish town while on a weekend getaway. She won £900,000. Not that she knew of her winnings. On Monday, life went back to normal and the ticket was forgotten. Two months later, during a post-Christmas cleanup, the woman came across the ticket while dusting. As a just in case I won something, she scanned the ticket on her National Lottery phone app and right away a message popped up that she was to contact the office.

At first, the lottery people only told her that she was one of ten winners who had won a 5,000 Euro raffle prize, but then – after asking her to sit down – they told her she had won a million Euro. While the woman has no definite plans for the money, she hinted that she might buy a better car and a house.

Now you might not be so lucky when you start cleaning, but you might find something unexpected.

In Sweden, they take cleaning a step further, there they practice a little something called ‘death cleaning’. In case you’re in the dark about what death cleaning means, it means cleaning up your home so that those you leave behind aren’t left with a big mess. 
While this sounds a bit morbid, there are is a positive side to this type of cleaning. For starters, you might find things only good for one thing … the rubbish bin. Other than that, you might come across something that you want to bequest to someone specifically. 

Everyone can benefit from this type of cleaning. Forget death cleaning, call it spring cleaning if you like. As you go along, you may come across something you forgotten you had and other things that stir up memories. The bottom line is, cleaning can be good for you.