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Assertio Office Cleaning
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Contract, Commercial, Hotel, School, Retail, Restaurant, Kitchen, End of Tenancy & Office Deep Cleaning Company based in London

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Assertio Services Ltd policy is to recruit the best individuals from the available labour pool. Careful selection and rigid screening/vetting procedures covering a minimum of the last 10 years of employment history achieve this objective. The suitability of applicants together with excellent terms and conditions of employment and career development opportunities ensure Assertio Services Ltd recruit the best staff in the industry.


  • Selection
  • Vetting
  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • More training!

Medical Status

We enquire as to the state of health of potential applicants before an offer of employment is made to satisfy ourselves that they are fit to carry out their duties. Where necessary a medical examination is arranged (which Assertio Services Ltd will pay for).

Equal Opportunities

Our personnel policy specifically includes the provision for equal opportunities regardless of sex, ethnic origin or religious background.

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