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Let’s be honest, none of us like cleaning the kitchen. The thought of being up to our armpits in scrubbing brushes and bleach, doesn’t fill us with joy and all those adverts of people cleaning their kitchens with a big happy smile? It’s a lie. So here are a few tried and tested methods to keep a clean kitchen and hold onto your sanity at the same time.

The oven, it has to be worse than cleaning the loo and that’s saying something. So would a homemade cleaner really work? White vinegar has been touted for generations as the miracle cure for cleaning and there are many that swear by it, so I for one will be trying this little hack. Just mix white vinegar with baking soda, rub it onto the oven and wait for 30 minutes. Now for the oven door, just try dropping a few drops of vegetable oil on that nasty brown glass and rub..yup, clean oil with oil!

Suffering from nasty niffs? Try taking the natural approach and put a few drops of citrus essence into a bowl of warm water. Other handy tips include car wax to clean up your dirty hob (yes really!), cream of tartar to clean stainless steel and dishwasher tablets to remove food reside, that just refuses to budge.

Of course a quick clean is often the best answer, don’t put off rinsing those dishes or cleaning up those spills, we all know they will only get worse and make your food taste pretty awful too. Get into a daily routine of wiping, rinsing and and even giving the BBQ a little rub down too, it really helps to tackle those jobs early on.

We all face dirt in life, from the kitchen to the modern-day nuisance of illegal flytippers, blighting our landscape. Both indoors and outdoors it seems to be a constant battle to clean up, tidy and get things looking halfway normal but with a little time, effort and common sense, it’s possible to make life just that little bit easier!