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The kids are back at school. After six weeks of quickly shaking the duvets, running around with a feather duster, and giving the bath a rapid wipe round, now you can contemplate a bit of a deep clean, to get the house back together. Try these few tips to help make the process a little easier.

• Crayon marks can be removed with white toothpaste. Wipe on with a dry cloth, and wipe off with the same.

• Spray biro scribbles with an aerosol hairspray, then wipe clean.

• Use this opportunity to clear all the broken and unused toys from the kids’ toy cupboard, ready for the new Christmas arrivals.

• Clear out the food cupboards of all those out of date treats the kids’ wanted, but have never eaten.

• Get an extension for the feather duster, and get into those hard to reach places to remove cobwebs.

While you contemplate dragging the vacuum from the cupboard, here are a few little known vacuum facts that might just give you the edge in a pub quiz.

• Hubert Cecil Booth patented the first powered vacuum cleaner in 1901.

• So large, it was set on wheels, and pulled from house to house by a horse.

• His ‘Vacuum Cleaner Company Ltd’ was commissioned to clean Westminster Abbey in 1902, ready for the coronation of Edward VII.

• It was 1908, when William Henry Hoover manufactured the first genuinely portable upright vacuum cleaner. The design came from a patent his cousin James Spangler had registered, for a dust-sucking machine he had invented to reduce his asthma.

Okay, we started with a few handy tips, but if you want to get down and dirty like the professionals, check out these tips for speedy cleaning.

• Use clean lint free rags rather than paper towels.

• Using lots of cleaning product doesn’t equal faster cleaning. In fact often the opposite is true.

• Always start from the top and work down.

• Don’t jump from one side of the room to the other. Pick a point and work your way around clockwise.

• Stay focussed, don’t be sidetracked by those old photos, or you’ll still be cleaning when the kids get home from school.

• Make sure your vac is in tip-top shape to get done as quickly as possible.

• If it’s one of those dark autumn days, put the lights on. Make things as bright as possible.

• Set yourself a time to complete, and get stuck in.

• And finally, clean door handles, fridge handles, and light switches make things look a whole lot better, but don’t be overly fussy.