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Quick House Cleaning; 6 Stress Free Tips

House cleaning, it’s a term that provokes the most incredible facial contortions and noises of disgust from almost everyone that you mention it to. Now, there is one fool proof way of never having to bleach a bath again, that is to call a local cleaning service to do all the dirty work for you. Sometimes you have no choice but to put on those marigolds and dig in. In this case, you’ll need the following tips to remove the stress from washing the doilies. Everyone still has doilies, right?

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Hair-Raising High Rise Window Cleaning

Ever fancied hanging around the top of the tallest of buildings like you were a treetop-dwelling monkey in the Amazon jungle? Or felt you might like to see how a spider feels when it’s dangling by a thread, being swept to-and-fro by the wind and bashed against adjacent hard, unyielding objects, and all the time having to clean windows as well? You haven’t? Then scary window cleaning probably isn’t for you.

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Tips to Maintaining a Clean Home with Pets

Man’s best friend can also be a man’s worst nightmare when it comes to keeping the home tidy throughout the week. Although most households have a pet or two in the home, it can also lead to disasters or a messy space. To maintain a clean home and allow it to shine, there are a few tips to follow for a space that is kept in order.

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