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Cleaning and tidying the house can be a nightmare for the lower back; bending down to reach those nooks and crannies, pushing the Hoover around the house, moving furniture to remove all the debris that’s gathered underneath it over time.

For when “get some other sucker to do it” isn’t an option, here are some tips for preventing back pain during housekeeping.

Take a break
Cleaning the house from top to bottom takes a lot of time. Being on your feet all day puts a lot of pressure on your back, so be sure to take regular breaks. Make a cup of tea and take a seat for 10-15 minutes between jobs. Try not to stick with one job for too long as well. Staying in the same position or performing the same movement for a long time puts a lot of strain on your muscles and joints, leading to a sore back.

Bend from the knees
If you are lifting or carrying heavy objects, make sure you pick them up with the correct posture or you could strain or pull the muscles in your back. Always bend from the knees when lifting heavy objects, rather than bending from the back. If there is someone else in the house then ask them if they can help, lifting from one end each.

Wear appropriate footwear
Freddie Mercury may have made it look easy, but hoovering the house in your killer heels is not actually advisable. Wearing high heels affects your posture and adds extra pressure to your lower back, so doing hours of cleaning wearing them will lead to a sore back and aching feet.

Exercising and stretching regularly helps to strengthen your back muscles and improve range of motion, preventing back pain and helping to alleviate it when it does occur. For ideas of exercises to do to help with back pain, take a look at this Good Housekeeping guide to preventing back pain.

Follow these tips to look after your body as well as your house when doing the housekeeping.