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While no-one likes a dirty living environment, there a few people out there who actually relish the cleaning process. If you’ve got high standards but you’re pressed for time, this article is for you.

Cleaning Your Microwaves and Your Washing-Up Sponges in One Easy Step
It’s well known that washing up sponges and cloths harbour bacteria: any damp cloth, especially one with food particles on it, is going to be a haven for nasties. Rather than wastefully throwing old sponges away, rinse them in hot water and place them in the microwave with a little dash of vinegar on top. Heat the sponges on high to kill the germs, and at the same time you’ll create steam in the microwave which you can wash away, leaving everything fresh.

Got A Dishwasher? You’re in Luck
Did you know that you can wash wellies in the dishwasher? It’s true (the same goes for plastic flip flops). Hairbrushes and combs, plastic toys, plastic flowers, make-up brushes, kitchen utensils, and even garden tools (make sure you wash the mud off first) can go in. Essentially anything made of plastic that won’t melt at your dishwasher’s operating temperature is good to go.

Vinegar and Water Will Clean Your Coffee Machine
If you’re sick of limescale build-up, simply running through a 50:50 mix of water and cheap malt vinegar will efficiently clean your home -or office- coffee maker. You may need to run some plain water through again afterwards if the vinegar smell lingers.

Clean Your Shower with a Few Spriztes
Every morning after taking your shower, simple spritz the cubicle with a pre-mixed white vinegar and water mix. It deodorises and santitises, as well as meaning you won’t need to deep clean nearly so often.

The ‘S’ Technique
YouTuber Melissa behind the channel ‘Clean My Space’ has a lot of great tips, but one of the best is her ‘S’ technique. Essentially, rather than cleaning surfaces and cupboard/fridge doors with a circular motion, an ‘S’ shaped motion is much more effective, as it doesn’t re-dirty clean areas.