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Under the bed is a great place to hide Christmas presents or your extra-marital lover, but have you ever considered the mould and bacteria ridden items that are festering under your bed? Here are a few of the most common.

A Used Sock is Harmless Enough…Right?

Most people have a habit of whipping off their socks in the bedroom, which is why one of the most common items found under the bed is a dirty sock. So, what is so bad about having your sock slither under your bed like a mouldy old slug?

The problem is that we sweat around half a pint to a pint of fluid from our feet in a day, and that is a lot of moisture in a small piece of material. You are giving germs a nice, warm and moist place in the dark to breed.

Dust And Lots Of It!!!

In an active household, there is a lot of dead skin, old dirt and mud flying around the room in the form of dust. In an active household, the dust is vacuumed up and wiped away. However, places such as under the fridge, down the side of the cooker, and under the bed are rarely cleaned.

All of this dust accumulates and becomes a breeding ground for dust mites. These little fellas are okay in small numbers, but in large numbers create irritants and allergens. Even people that are not allergic to dust mites (actually it is their faeces people are allergic to) will still have a negative reaction to large numbers of them.

Pet Hair Of All Shapes And Sizes

Sure, if you only have a hamster, then there is little chance its hair is going to find its way under the bed (unless it pulls a Shawshank on you). However, dog and cat hair is notorious for finding its way into places it does not belong, be it under your bed or between grandma’s false teeth.

Even if your pet it not allowed in your bedroom, hair finds it way by sticking to you with static electricity, or by simply clinging on to your clothes. Pet hair is fine on its own, but if it is allowed to accumulate, the oils on it break down and make a great place for germs to breed. It may also attract microscopic pests that will start looking for something else once it gets tired of noshing on Rover’s stray hairs.

Are you read to clean under the bed?