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It’s very easy to let our office space become disorganised. When we have a mile high pile of papers in the to do tray then spending time organising can sometimes feel like too much effort, especially when time is short and there are deadlines to meet. 

There are many benefits to keeping an office space organised though; whether it be your own personal home office or a larger space that you share with others. Looking at an unsightly muddle is a constant reminder of a job you need to do. Trying to locate something when you actually need it will not only take longer but also increase your stress levels. A disorganised office space will be distracting, decrease your efficiency and look unprofessional. If you still need a little inspiration then check out these hack tips; 

• Attach the soft side of a Velcro strip to your keyboard on the raised side. You don’t need a lot but it will give your keyboard a clear space to live on your desk. 
• We have all experienced the physical pain of losing a USB stick with the most important document in the world stored on it, preventing these earth shattering moments is simple; just reuse the decorative boxes that you get at Christmas. People keep these because they seem too nice to throw away but end up serving no real purpose sat in the cupboard under the stairs. From now on these boxes can become a useful feature in your office space and store all those USB sticks, paperclips and other small bits that you just can’t afford to lose. 
• There is nothing more unsightly than lots of dangled wires and they can feel like the most difficult thing to organise. However simple Velcro strips can hold them together and instantly improve the appearance of your office space. You can also use coat hooks to guide any wires safely and neatly to where they need to be. 

Organising your office may take a little time but you will experience the benefits immediately, so what are you waiting for; get organised and get productive.