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There are a variety of ways of cleaning your microwave, some of which are unconventional!

Removing encrusted material in a microwave can be achieved by placing a wooden spoon in a bowl of water, and then both are heated in a microwave. The bowl should be heated for a maximum of five minutes, but it should still be left inside the oven after it’s been heated. This will allow the steam, that’s been created from the heated water, to begin to do its work and loosen the encrusted material in the microwave. It should then be a simple task of removing the crud with a warm cloth.

Something that will both clean and freshen up the inside of a microwave is the combination of vinegar with water. Cleaning can be achieved in two ways. A bowl of water with vinegar should be heated – and the water will also be good to use when wiping down the sides of the oven. Again, the bowl should be heated for up to five minutes, and the steam will act as an effective cleaner. Alternatively, a wet sponge soaked in vinegar can be heated at a high temperature for three minutes. The steam will then get to work on anything that’s encrusted inside, and the sponge can then be used to clean the sides of the microwave.

Using two halves of a lemon can also be used to clean a microwave oven, and will freshen up it, too. The two lemon halves should be placed on a plate and heated for a minute. A kitchen towel can then be used to clean the sides of the oven.

Always remember to use a cloth or oven gloves to remove a warm bowl or plate, or rubber gloves to remove a sponge when it’s hot.