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Your leather sofa can be an impressive centerpiece for any office, reception area or waiting room. A fine quality material and comfortable design really inspires the trust and confidence of your clients, and knowing how to keep your sofa in ideal condition is an essential part of maintaining an integral corporate identity. 

Vacuum Regularly: this helps prevent dirt from getting worn-in, and helps the leather breathe so it lasts longer. Always use a soft-bristled attachment, and remember that leather scratches easily.

Use Distilled Water: ordinary tap water contains chemicals, such as chlorine, which can degrade the surface of your sofa as you clean it. 

Read the Manufacturers Instructions: most leather sofas come with a label which will details the correct cleaning products to use. Many manufacturers and distributors will also supply specific cleaning products for your type of leather, and you should call them for advice if the label is absent or you’ve run out of the products the sofa was supplied with. 

Stains: grease stains can simply be wiped away (without water), but for dark stains try a mixture of one part cream of tartar with one part lemon juice. 

You can use a generic liquid soap diluted in distilled water in place of a product-specific cleaning agent, but always test the solution on a small area of the sofa first. Never use varnish, ammonia, furniture polish, saddle soap, baby wipes, bleach or any kind of oil. These will all damage the finish of your leather sofa and can leave it rough or sticky.