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What is it about the humble British office that has people swooning with desire over work colleagues? Is it the sweet, pungent mix of cleaning chemicals and photocopier toner? Perhaps it is the romantic music that plays endlessly in the lift? Maybe it’s the seductive sight of the 20-stone IT guy who fixes your computer when there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it? Whatever this strange and ethereal force is, it is indeed powerful and all-consuming. However, what may start out as some flirtatious fun can soon become something far more serious, and that could have dire consequences on your career!

The Spectre of Jealousy

Jealousy is often an issue in relationships, but it is far more likely to rear its ugly head in a work-based environment. Work fosters communication, teamwork and camaraderie; all noble attributes, but they can all be misconstrued far too easily. What is actually an innocent conversation about sales projections could be the planning of an illicit liaison involving the cleaner’s cupboard. A brief conversation about cost projections for the coming year could quite as easily be the swapping of erotic fantasies. Most people don’t work in close proximity to their partner, so they will rarely see their beloved in the throes of imaginary passion. Sadly, working with a partner makes this sort of scenario highly likely.

Becoming Office Gossip

The early days of any romance are exciting and passionate, but displays of wanton desire in an office could very easily become the main topic of conversation. An intercepted email that goes into detail about the heights of passion reached the night before may put a strain on a blossoming relationship. Getting caught by your work-based nemesis whilst enjoying a lunchtime fondle may get your exploits on the staff noticeboard. Unfortunately, an office-based romance is often public property. It can provoke jealousy, ridicule or just outright mischief from colleagues; all things that can severely stunt the growth of a promising career.

Allowing Work to Suffer

So, instead of chasing up new leads and working on improving customer relationships you’re holding hands, blowing kisses and exchanging sexy emails. These romantic exploits may be a lot of fun, but they could be distracting you from doing the most important thing in any office – working! Of course, many firms have strict rules on relationships between workers, but passions can be hard to control if love takes over. A lack of productivity due to over-active hormones could put you in the boss’s office, and such an outcome can lead to resentment between lovers.

Paradoxically, the office environment is tailor-made for finding a partner, but don’t let your boss hear you saying that!