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“Have you seen under their microwave?!”

Here, we look at some areas in the modern home that for various reasons may not often be cleaned. Many kitchens may appear superficially clean, but can you imagine what scolding Kim and analytical Aggie might think? Picture them in their former show ‘How clean is your house?’, on patrol and wearing their trademark aprons, wielding their cotton buds and test tubes. Now cast your own inspecting eye under the microwave, over the exterior of kitchen cupboards and especially round the side of the dishwasher or washing machine, the tiles at the back of the fridge, its top surface (and inside) – and even the floor under it.

Washing machines detergent and fabric softener drawers are not cleaned much, but can build up a crust or undesirable gloop. The rubber seal surrounding the door is cleaned and dried by surprisingly few people after each wash cycle; it takes only a few seconds and reduces seal deterioration – and the expense of replacements.

Still in the kitchen, pay attention to dish-washing sponges, which harbour microbes. Tin openers can accumulate congealed food particles. Kitchen buttons, knobs and handles are probe to a build-up of grime. Careful with chopping boards too, including scored plastic boards – the cuts harbour germs. All of these are candidates for thorough cleaning.

Beautiful ornate lampshades look good – but with hanging pendants, think “dust magnets”. Instead of reflecting light and glittering, they twirl round to display embarrassing dust to dinner party guests. This unwanted reminder can get quietly noticed when guests’ eyes begin to explore above the table! 

If you have a study or home office, alcohol wipes work wonders with telephone receivers and buttons and computer mice. Keyboards need cleaning too – invert, get those bits out and clean the keys.

Bathmats have been shown to be one of the most germ-infested parts of the bathroom – launder regularly. Finally, check the outside of the toilet – especially any telltale yellow vertical lines on the front of the pan between seat level and the floor. Cleanliness is next to Godliness!