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It’s already been such a strange March as the country lunges slowly from winter to spring. The ‘nice’ weather has been a long time coming, and if we blink we just might miss it, but for a lot of Brits, the coming of spring means donning the sacred rubber gloves, filling up foaming buckets of water and starting to clean a path to the summer. Yes, folks, it’s that time again! In homage to this glorious ritual, Channel Four has brought back a program that on the surface should be about as entertaining as watching self-cleaning windows, clean themselves, but I admit I am truly hooked. In this oddly gripping drama, this week we get to meet the lady with nine kids who is fighting a continuous war against grime and Gareth, who surrendered over 20 years ago and hasn’t cleaned for two decades.


Talking about self-cleaning windows, British scientists are once again at the washing-edge of technology with the development of glass that is very resistant to water. This is all because of microscopic compositions that have been woven into the structure. Experts think that having a window that will automatically clean itself will not only save you work but may also cut down on heating costs. For our more technically minded readers, the bottom line is that as the water rolls off the panes, the dust, dirt and other containments hitch a ride to oblivion, leaving clean, fresh and sparkling glass and happy smiling housewives. That is unless those wives enjoy all that tedium and drudgery.


Finally, French officials were left speechless (which makes a change) after commissioning street graffiti by one of the country’s top artists; it seems that his work wasn’t appreciated by one section of the city’s population because cleaners did what cleaners do best. Yes, you’ve guessed it; they cleaned the wall it was on. The good news is, however, that they did say sorry. Well, that’s alright then.


Next stop the graffiti artist’s nightmare: the self-cleaning wall.