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If you’re anything like most modern home owners, you’re busy. Heck, even if you’re renting, you’re probably busy and, as a rule of thumb, busy people don’t have much time. Makes sense, right? The time you DO have is likely better spent doing something enjoyable or important rather than using your free time to keep your home spotless. So, hmm, how to get more time to do the things you want to do or need to do without your place looking like a herd of yak have taken up residence instead of a rational human being? Why, you get someone to clean for you! You shouldn’t feel guilty about it, and here’s why.

Time is Money

Odds are if you’re busy enough to get behind on cleaning, then your time is valuable. Maybe you’re a professional and you know your time is worth X amount of money. I bet a cleaner is worth less than X amount of money per hour. Consider it an investment; you invest in a cleaner and that allows you time to be more profitable doing other things. That shouldn’t prompt a guilt trip, that should prompt praise! You’re ahead!

The Cleaning Profession

By hiring a cleaner, you are giving another individual work. That’s not something you should feel bad about, that’s something you should feel good about. You should actually feel great about it since these people are properly trained and properly equipped professionals. When the toilet starts geysering like a national park tourist attraction, most people will turn off the water and call a professional. Cleaning shouldn’t be any different. They have the correct cleaning products and know how to use them without accidentally creating a a hazardous waste zone. You’re paying for a better job in less time than you could achieve yourself, and that’s well worth the investment.

You can Still Clean

Even if you do hire cleaners, you don’t need to have them clean everything all the time. Consider a contract that has cleaners in even twice a month to clean those neglected spots like bathrooms. The rest of the time you you can make sure the dishes are clean and the laundry is done, it’s not like you have to completely abandon your duties.