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House cleaning, it’s a term that provokes the most incredible facial contortions and noises of disgust from almost everyone that you mention it to. Now, there is one fool proof way of never having to bleach a bath again, that is to call a local cleaning service to do all the dirty work for you. Sometimes you have no choice but to put on those marigolds and dig in. In this case, you’ll need the following tips to remove the stress from washing the doilies. Everyone still has doilies, right?

N.B. Before you even look at the polish, tidy through. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but make sure that the floors and sides are clear of clutter and that the beds are stripped This will mean that you can just glide through the house like a Disney princess. Cinderella, who?

Room 1: Bathroom

Put your chosen cleaning solution into the bath and let it soak whilst you wipe down the surfaces and replace the towels in the bathroom. Return to the bath to remove all of the kids crayon marks, et voila!

Room 2: Bedrooms

You’ve already stripped the beds and they’re washing themselves for you in the machine while you polish the surfaces and re make the beds. 

Room 3: Living Room and Dining Room

Very similar to bedrooms, polish through and use glass cleaner on any mirrors or glass. Like with cars, shiny windows can attract the eye from a multitude of sins; this doesn’t mean that you can ignore the empty pizza boxes, though.

Room 4: Kitchen

Similar to the bathroom, leave the sink soaking whilst you wipe down the surfaces and cupboard doors and then come back to it.

Job 5: Floors

A huge time saver when carrying out you general daily cleaning regime is to hoover the whole house at once, from top to bottom and then wash the floors that need it.

So, whether you clean daily or weekly, these tips will make sure that you can get a general spruce up done in an hour (or more if you keep stopping for a cup of tea every ten minutes like most of us do!).