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Office clutter is a very common occurrence and yet it is very easy to remove it and create a much more professional atmosphere for employees and visitors alike.” Here are a few tips to help you banish untidiness from your office spaces.

Announce a clutter-free week and engage everyone at once!

It is very important to ensure that everyone in the office is on board with your drive to tidy up office clutter. If everyone starts by tidying his or her own workspace, your mission for a clutter-free zone will be off to a great start.

Appoint a clutter monitor to keep everyone on their toes

De-cluttering won’t organise itself and so you need to have one person who keeps an eye out for clutter and targets areas that need special attention. If no-one is keen to take on the role, then encourage people to take turns. The aim is to remind everyone in a nice way that tidiness is highly valued in the workplace.

Make sure you have adequate storage space and clear labelling

Very often office clutter arises because there is nowhere to store old documents, stationery, copy paper and that collection of comedy coffee cups of dubious origin. Have your clutter monitor designate parking areas for specific items and make sure these areas are labelled clearly. That way even the temporary staff will know where to stow random items that would otherwise accumulate like driftwood on all available flat surfaces.

Bin it or sell it – usually the best solutions for office clutter

Most office clutter is superfluous to requirement. In this case the recycling bin or charity shop are often the ideal destination for it. Some items might even raise much-needed funds for the next office party. Just check with your boss first and then sell them on eBay or some other auction website. A cluttered office is difficult to clean well and stressful for everyone. A clutter-free office starts with you, so why not begin by tidying your own desk right away?