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Who does the dishes in your organisation? Does it always seem to be you? If you find yourself frequently left in the kitchen, it’s time to devise ways of getting your colleague to do her or his fair share of the washing up. After all, you’d complain if your workload was overburdened with other people’s jobs. Oh, it is, already? All the more reason to make a stand now, then. But not in front of the sink, of course. 

Shock tactics!

The obvious solution is to dump everything on your workmate’s desk. However, the obvious response might be to recycle it all back onto yours. So perhaps you should just steer them gently towards that tap. Maybe the sight of a strategically placed empty dish rack nearby, just crying out to be filled, will act as the equivalent of a mild electric prod. 


You could suggest that whoever fetches the food is excused kitchen duties. But your co-worker may fancy being a hunter-gatherer on a daily basis, leaving you elbow deep in soap suds as usual. So a rota may be the best route to go down. 

…and equality

Of course, it may be that neither of you minions made the mess in the first place, but with the state of the job market, you daren’t suggest that your boss mucks in (although, why not?). Co-workers’ resentment is due here, but do also censure your comrade (who can’t sack you). 

Got the message? 

Stick up notes with humorous comments or pictures – no threats! Send email reminders. Even with high numbers of emails coming in, a repeat message will be noticed. You’ve got mail. And mail. And mail… 

Tomorrow’s another day

Be ready for excuses. Claims of sensitive skin can be countered with supplies of rubber gloves, or chemical-free washing-up liquid. They lack the time? Offer to act as a temporary life-coach; organise their day. Only for one day, mind. They have to get home urgently? They’ve gone? Now, where’s that dish cloth…