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From stinky dogs to whiffy feet, there are a whole host of factors that can bring an unpleasant aroma into your home. Bad smells in the house make it a nasty place to relax in, plus it also gives off a terrible impression to house guests. With so many different types of cleaning products and advice out there it can be tough to know what to do. We reveal how to get rid of those obnoxious odors and name several things that you should avoid if you want your home to smell gorgeous again. 

Identify the Culprit

The very first step is to do a little detective work to work out where that gross smell is coming from. Has someone spilt milk on the carpet and forgot to clean it up? Has Fido peed behind the sofa again? If you’re particularly unfortunate then it may be a combination of factors that are causing the problem.

Deep Clean

Once you have identified the offending culprits you are ready to deep clean those areas. Use specialist products to target and tackle the issues. Better still hire a professional cleaning team to do all the hard work for you. They will have the skills and expertise to do a brilliant job and save you the elbow grease. 

Pleasant Scents

After a thorough spring clean it’s time to air out the room. Open the windows to let a gentle breeze in and get that lingering scent out. Now you are ready to incorporate some nice aromas into the area. Think fresh flowers or some gorgeous scented candles. 

Avoid at all Costs

You know those sprays that are said to mask all smells? Avoid them! Yes they may temporarily work, but essentially they just blast a whole host of chemicals into your living space. Plus it is kind of like just placing a plaster of a wound without actually treating it first! Incense is also a no-no as the smoke can be an irritant and your home may end up smelling like a hippy hangout!

Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to having a heavenly smelling house. Good luck!