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Let’s be honest; many of us are now spending more time with our work colleagues than we are with our families; it is an unfortunate side-effect of a changing world. Of course, families argue all the time, but there aren’t angry bosses watching your every move at home. Dealing with annoying colleagues at work requires a more clandestine approach, but there are still a few ways to achieve some satisfying victories in the office.

Take the Conscientious Approach

You will no doubt be your company’s most valuable worker, and this accolade comes with responsibility. Make sure you report your colleague’s poor performance at every opportunity. Don’t put up with halitosis, bad dress sense, inappropriate humour or constant whistling; report the offender to your boss, and they may just get the sack!

Make the Financial Argument

There may come a time when your level of irritation at a fellow worker begins to impede on your own work. This situation is clearly unacceptable, and it calls for drastic action. What you need is a business plan to take your company forward; one that doesn’t include your annoying colleague. This is a win-win situation, as your work-based foe will be shown the door, and you can then enjoy the adulation of your bosses. 

Start a Vicious Rumour

Are you struggling to get on at work because of the guy sitting next to you? Is he constantly talking nonsense, distracting your attention and generally being a pain? If so, why not spread it around that the bosses are about to sack anyone who doesn’t raise their productivity levels by 20% in the next week? Your annoying colleague will be so perturbed at this news it will draw his attentions to where they should be. This will leave you to get on with the important business of being fabulous in the workplace.

Of course, there is a serious issue to consider here. It is not fair that your own employment is placed in jeopardy because of annoying and selfish work colleagues. It may be necessary to take the ‘nuclear’ option if your previous attempts at sabotage have failed. Simply hack into your colleague’s email, and send the boss the most abusive message your vocabulary allows!