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The key to successfully cleaning a building is having a plan of action to ensure you are being as efficient and effective as possible. It’s also important to know exactly what type of building will be cleaned because an office building will require a different approach to a large commercial facility. 

Cleaning an office is quite similar to cleaning a home, meaning that you won’t necessarily require specialised equipment, whereas a major commercial or industrial facility will not only require special and more powerful equipment, but also a wider variety of stronger cleaners. 

The Importance of Cleaning a Building 

Keeping a building clean is essential to the efficiency of your organisation. Most people aren’t exactly aware of how important cleanliness is until they have to work in an environment that is less than spotless. Not only can a dirty environment cause health issues, but it can greatly decrease efficiency and motivation. So, if you want your operation to run smoothly, then you need to make sure your building is clean. 

Coming Up with a Plan

When it comes to keeping a building clean, it’s imperative to have a plan in place. Different tasks will need to be done at different times. For example, emptying rubbish bins likely needs to be done daily or even more often in areas with high traffic. On the other hand, vacuuming floors in areas that have little traffic might need to be done once every two days. Creating a plan, however, will ensure the building is clean at all times without wasting resources. 

The Essentials of Cleaning a Building

Some of the things you need to focus on when cleaning a building include making sure rubbish bins are emptied as soon as they are full, as well as picking up rubbish that has overflowed or landed by the side of the bin. Hard surfaces need to be leaned and sanitized, including door handles, work surfaces, hand rails and other surfaces that people touch often. 

Bathrooms require special attention as these are the areas that are usually the dirtiest in any facility. This means regularly cleaning floors, toilets, urinals, and sinks. 

Of course, floors have to be cleaned throughout the building. Carpeted areas need to be vacuumed, and every once in a while they should be washed. Non-carpeted areas can be cleaned with a brush or a specialised vacuum cleaner. These areas should be washed frequently as well, especially in lobby areas.

These are just some of the aspects you should consider when cleaning a building. Remember, the cleaner the environment is, the more productive and happier people will be.