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Rust is a nuisance, and this is especially true when it comes to silverware. Rust is the result of iron oxidizing and occurs to any iron item that is exposed to both oxygen and water. So if you ever plan on washing your silverware using water and letting that silverware dry in the open air, you’ve got a potential for rust. 

If you do find your silverware getting rust spots, there are a number of over the counter cleaners that will easily clean the spots. Shield technology has a number of protection and cleaning products for rust, their Restore Rust Remover stands out as an environmentally friendly product. CLR is an American product that is readily available but is less environmentally friendly. Many more can be found in your local hardware store. For those that prefer using cleaners found around the house, there are many alternatives.

For silverware the following household remedies are recommended. White vinegar helps dissolve rust. Soaking the silverware in a tub of vinegar for a day or so will loosen the rust and allow it to be wiped off easily with a rag. Lemon juice and salt will form a paste that combines the acidic qualities of the lemon with the abrasive qualities of salt for an effective rust remover. A paste made from lemon juice and salt can be used on larger kitchen items suffering from rust. Baking soda as a cleaner is a well known fact and it works well on rust as well. Mix with water to create a paste and scrub after letting the application of the paste sit for a few hours. Potatoes contain oxalic acid that works at dissolving rust, just cut a potato in half and use the cut side to to scrub. One part black strap molasses mixed with twelve parts water and the solution creates a chelating process that will help remove rust.

Even with the best care rust can still form on silverware; the only sure protection is to buy stainless steel which can be expensive. These techniques will help keep your regular silverware rust free.