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Whilst thoughts may be turning to decorations, trees and presents, the winter months can bring problems for the household so it’s ideal to use the time efficiently by preparing the home for the cold weather and festive season. Energy costs rise at this time of year and finding a way to ‘winterise’ your house can include simple measures such as stockpiling on certain foods and preparing meals beforehand.

A good place to start is cleaning the gutters, a productive form of damage control that sees you removing any debris from the gutters, preventing it from freezing during the winter and causing a nasty block which will certainly dampen those Christmas celebrations. Another similar job will be to clean out the chimney if you own one. It’s usually best to hire a professional for this job as it can be tricky and needs to be treated with a great amount of care. This is a fantastic way to save money on your gas bill and the sight of a lit hearth will fill the family with a festive feel.

Insulation is a massive part of preparing the home for winter and it will cost a bit of money but, essentially, it’s all for the best and comfort of the home. This will primarily involve adding an extra layer to the attic in order to keep the cold air from entering the home. Tightening windows is another form of insulation and this ranges from double-glazed additions to adding weather-strips that are durable and efficient.

The heating indoors should be used sparingly as it will add up on that final bill. Only consider turning the thermostat up when you’re home, as this can save people around 30% on their bill, and set certain time periods for it to be switched on, the recommended slots being an hour in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening. Make sure no furniture is in the way of the radiators as you’ll want all the warm air to flow around the home without obstruction.