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Everyone knows the old trick: broken plates, dried-on food, terrible stacking. Hubby does a shoddy job with the dishes, night after night, until exasperated wife says “Sod it; I’ll just do them myself from now on.” Well, men, brace yourselves for a new challenge, because someone has upped the ante! A man in his 60s had to be rescued by a team of firefighters in Walney, after falling from his roof while giving the windows a good scrub. He wasn’t seriously injured, and we bet his wife won’t be asking him to clean those windows again for quite a while. We were unable to confirm the rumours that onlookers at the scene heard him mutter “I love it when a plan comes together”.

Speaking of cleaning in high places, have you ever wondered how airlines keep aeroplanes spick and span? Anyone who’s spent 12 hours cooped up next to a sweating, sneezing, seemingly-plague-suffering passenger understands why stuffy aeroplanes are so effective at transmitting germs. Fortunately, though, a clever new cleaning process developed by MAG Aerospace Industries means that cabins will soon be able to clean themselves. The automatic system uses LEDs to emit UV light, which disinfects the surfaces and the air on board. The bad news for passengers hoping to top up their post-Tenerife tans is that the UV lights will only clean the cabin between journeys, so there will be no sun-bed side effects.

And finally, an adorable chimp has proved more than just a pretty face when, inspired by the cleaning staff’s efforts, she picked up a cloth and began shining her enclosure’s windows. Now that’s teamwork! She buffs and polishes, stopping every few moments to inspect her handiwork, like a true pro. Coupled with chimpanzees’ impressive ability to climb and swing, this could become a seriously lucrative sideline for the fastidious primate. The latest information suggests that a woman in her 60s from Walney has contacted the chimp to ask if she would like a bit of part time work cleaning hard-to-reach windows.

Happy cleaning everyone, and stay away from high ladders!