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The average British office is not a place where the perfect examples of human evolution usually reside; quite the opposite, in fact. Life in an office is usually a sedentary affair, and the most rigorous exercise the average office worker will take is the unreasonably long trip to the local sandwich shop. However, there is a serious point to make here, as a lack of exercise can lead to weight and mobility problems, and putting on weight can lead to profound health issues in later life. Beer-bellies and love-handles across the UK should be scared though, as there are some exercises that can be carried out in even the most cramped of office environments.

Instead of using it for the taking of lewd photos, why not use the office photocopier as an exercise aid? Whilst waiting for your copies to process, you can use the machine as support. Leg lifts use your body-weight as resistance, and they will develop your leg muscles over time. Leg-swings are also a great way to improve muscle definition; just make sure that you don’t take out a colleague’s eye in the process!

Of course, not everyone wants an audience during their attempts at shifting a rather unseemly-looking gut. A desk provides the perfect cover for leg-lifts, and you can do them whilst pretending to studiously take care of business. The journey towards an Olympic physique should begin with the tightening of the abdominal muscles, and each leg should be lifted and extended until it is level with the hip. However, this may annoy the person sitting opposite, so make sure you have sufficient leg-room beforehand. Chair-squats will help to strengthen your gluteal muscles and your thighs, but they require a rather unflattering position that may have your colleagues running in horror!

Life in an office often entails the sending and receiving of countless emails and phone calls. However, many of these communications are sent between people in the same building! In order to burn off a few extra calories, why not send your messages by hand? Instead of calling your colleague on the telephone – who may only be a few yards away – why don’t you stretch your legs? Remember, lifts are for wimps, so you should scale the stairs wherever possible. The regular climbing of stairs is great cardiovascular exercise, and it is also good for the environment!

If you left your dignity at the last office party, don’t bother hiding your exercise regime. Simply take to the office floor, and start your push-ups in view of the world! You may get a few strange looks from colleagues, but you will have the best-looking arms in the office!