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With the Ebola crisis becoming more serious with every passing day as new cases are diagnosed in an ever greater number of geographic locations, it is vital that everyone be aware of the correct techniques to use to prevent Ebola from spreading. Ebola is highly contagious and carries with it a high mortality rate. By following the tips outlined below which detail the best practices to follow to avoid catching Ebola, you will gain peace of mind through knowing you’ve taken all possible steps to keep yourself safe and healthy.

Wash Your Hands Continually Throughout The Day

One of the most common ways of the Ebola virus passing from one person to another person is through hand contact with a person already infected with Ebola or through touching an object which has been touched with by someone with the virus. To counteract this particular transmission method, the most effective measure you can take is to wash your hands several times throughout the day. When washing your hands make sure that you use hot water and soap. Ensure that any towels you use to dry your hands are clean as these can be a source of recontamination for viruses. 

Carry An Alcohol-Based Hand Wash With You

Let’s be clear: alcohol-based hand washes are not a substitute for thorough hand-washing with soap and hot water. However, they still have a role to play as they are far more effective than doing nothing at all and can be used when hand-washing facilities are not available.

Avoid Certain Types Of Food

The Ebola virus has been found in bush meat sold in developing countries and can be contagious if handled or eaten. Cooking has been proven to stop the Ebola virus in its tracks, so if you are in a place where you have no other option than to eat this type of meat, then ensure that is has at least been cooked at a high temperature.

Use Disinfectant

If you are running a shop, office or any other building type which may come in contact with persons infected with the Ebola virus, then you must regularly use disinfectants on all floors, surfaces and fixtures as this greatly reduces the risk of others being exposed to the virus.