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Where would we be without music? In my day, any 18-20 year old worth their salt would have a transistor radio blaring out the top tunes from the local pirate radio station, for all to hear. 

Luckily, (for us older folk) now, the kids have iPods, and those little hideaway earphones. All we have to put up with these days are the sporty Cleo’s and Golf’s screaming past with the boom, boom, boom of the base speakers heralding their arrival, five minutes before they arrive. 

Anti-music? No not at all, I love my music. If I’m in a restaurant, nice quiet background music is good. Driving, well maybe a few tracks of The Eagles, or a bit of Garth Brooks or Rod Stewart. 

Some things just scream out to be accompanied by music, and cleaning is one of them. When the cleaning bug hits, the first thing I do is go through my music. The Rolling Stones, Beatles, or Rod Stewart could be picked. Or if I’m feeling really trendy it could be Brittany, Christina Agulera, Diddy, James Brown, or Madonna. With the volume cranked up, to drown out the vacuum, I’m away. Swaying back and fore to the rhythm; as I manoeuvre the vacuum under chairs and sofa. 

Getting the kids to clean their rooms, while you’re doing the rest of the house, is a great way to teach them about the benefits of tidying up. There are some great tracks on You Tube they can clean along to, but be warned. Keep an eye on them, or they may well end up sitting on the bed watching the accompanying video, cleaning forgotten. 


So remember, the next time you walk past that office block at six in the morning, or past that industrial unit at seven at night. The music drifting through open windows probably has nothing to do with an early Christmas party. It’s far more likely to be the local contract cleaners. Going about their business of making the place presentable for the following day’s work; and enjoying a little music while they do it.