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As a business your premises reflect who you are and what you stand for, it is imperative that the standard is set throughout all levels, right from the ground up. So finding a quality cleaning firm, who will share your high standard and work ethic can be difficult. You need to trust their professionalism implicitly, trust that the work will get done, trust that they are discreet, trust that they are reliable and trust that they will live up to your expectation. 

We at Assertio Services LTD epitomise the level of professionalism you expect when it comes to corporate commercial cleaning services today. As a London based company we not only have the resources, but a wealth of experience and knowledge from our dedicated staff, who take pride in the work they do from start to finish. 

When you have clients visit, you need to know that the first impression they are going to have when walking through the door will be high. By entrusting us with that task, you can rest assured that the quality and efficiency of our work is second to none, and in an industry where the results speak for themselves the only way to lead the pack is by setting and maintaining the highest of standards.

Nothing presents a poorer impression to employees and clients, than an accumulation of dust in the work space, a foul smell from the toilet area, mess on the floors and a dirty communal area. When you work in a fresh clean environment it not only serves to impress clients, but it has come to be expected from employees. We fully understands this and therefore feel we can promote our services with confidence in London’s highly professional corporate world. 

Our client feedback and testimonials stand us in good stead as one of London’s leading cleaning services. Words like “reliable”, “professional”, “efficient” can be thrown around all to easily these days, and in turn can sometimes detract from the core value of them. With Assertio these words do still hold their true value, and are put into practice each day with each job we do.