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A construction project is not finished after the last nail is set or the final coat of paint dries. On the contrary, most jobs will require a substantial amount of cleanup work when they are completed. So, construction cleaning services are an invaluable addition that will enable even the largest London properties to remain tidy and respectable. So, what are some of the traits to look for in a construction company and which steps are normally taken during the actual cleaning process?

After-Building Cleaning: What Makes a Solid Company?

First and foremost, the firm needs to be recognised by the relevant governmental and safety authorities. Compliance with RAMS and COSHH schemes are necessary. Furthermore, the company should embrace adequate amounts of safety. This will include supplying their workforce with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and making certain that they are well aware of all applicable safety codes.

All work should be performed on a client-centred basis with attention to even the most minor of details. Finally (and perhaps most importantly), the company in question needs to boast positive reviews and verifiable testimonials. This will help to guarantee that the customer will receive only the highest levels of cleaning services.

A Construction Cleaning Checklist

Obviously, this checklist will differ slightly depending upon the site in question. Lager commercial projects will naturally require more robust cleaning methods and higher levels of coordination. Nonetheless, there are a few key areas that are universal in regards to a responsible approach to cleaning any job site. Some of the most fundamental actions that need to be carried out are:

  • The safe removal and disposal of large debris (waste, extra construction materials and any chemicals that may be on the premises).
  • A complete cleanup of all dust and smaller detritus.
  • A thorough wiping down of any and all exposed surfaces.
  • Deep cleaning of skirting boards, floors, carpets and (if applicable) upholstery.

These are but a handful of some of the areas that a reliable London construction cleaning company will address. By keeping these factors in mind, it will be easy to choose the most reputable service.