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Hiding Marks On Wood

There are a variety of ways that marks on wood can be hidden from view through simple DIY methods. A mixture of boiling water and instant coffee can do wonders for scratches on dark wood, for instance. Both the coffee and water should be mixed together in a small container, until the mixture resembles a frothy cup of coffee! The mixture should then be applied to the scratches via a clean cloth. After the mixture has worked its magic, use a clean cloth to buff the relevant areas. Another, and traditional, method of removing marks on wood surfaces is by rubbing the underside of a walnut shell on them. 

Tackling Limescale In Your Kettle 

A simple method of descaling your kettle is by using a lemon. Cut a lemon into slices, put them in your kettle and add water, and then boil the kettle. After the mixture has been boiled it should be left overnight. The following day, empty all traces of the lemon and the water from your kettle, and then rinse properly. Any sign of limescale should then have disappeared.

Restore A Pristine Look To Your Grouting

One of the most unsightly things in the home is dirty grouting! The combination of an old toothbrush and bleach is one way that grubby-looking grouting can be given a more pristine look.

Helping Silver Get Its Sparkle Back 

Even the most inexpensive toothpaste can be all that you’ll need to add that missing sparkle to your silver. An old toothbrush can be used to apply the paste, and once you’ve finished the process ensure that any paste residue has been removed. Then buff the silver with a dry cloth.

Reviving Carpets The Simple Way 

Carpets can look lifeless after a few years of wear and tear. But, there is a very simple way of improving the look of your carpet – bicarbonate of soda. Sprinkle generous amounts of bicarbonate of soda on your carpet, and let it settle for no more than 15 minutes. Then vacuum over the area to both clean and freshen it up.