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With spring officially here, it’s time for spring cleaning and for many people that means getting to grips with clearing out the attic. This is actually an important task since leaving too much stuff up there could lead to issues with the excessive load of the weight.

First of all, you’ll need to think about how to get into your attic safely and comfortably. This essentially means having a ladder which will get you high enough for you to be able to step confidently from the top rung into the attic and, just as importantly, from the attic to the ladder. It can help a lot if you have an assistant too, particularly if you’re going to be moving stuff in and out. You’ll also need an effective source of light. A standard torch can work, but it’s better to use lights that enable you to keep your hands free. If necessary buy a free-standing or hanging light which works off batteries.

Before you start moving anything, take stock of what is in there, literally. If there is so much clutter that this seems like a huge task, break it down into areas. Choose a section and go and look in the boxes. You don’t have to take everything out, just get a working idea of the contents. As you’re doing this, you can make notes about what can go. As a hint, avoid looking for reasons to get rid of something. Look to see if there is a reason to keep it and if you can’t come up with something very compelling straight away, then move it on.

Once you’ve moved out the stuff you no longer need, it will be much easier to organize what you want to keep. It will be easier still if you invest in some proper long-term storage containers, suitable for the intended contents. Although sturdy cardboard boxes have a lot of uses, it’s worth remembering that attics are vulnerable to leaks in bad weather so if you’re storing anything susceptible to damp (like old paperwork), then it’s better to use plastic containers or at least cover the boxes with a plastic sheet.