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Summer is finally upon us and as the days start heating up, cleaning is probably the last thing on everyone’s mind. After the exhausting but necessary spring cleaning season, for most of us it’s just a case of maintaining cleanliness throughout the summer months. The regular household chores such as scrubbing the oven and dusting the shelves still need to be done, but let’s face it, if those jobs can be made easier by swotting up on some lazy cleaning hacks, then why not give it a try? Inventive ideas such as filling the blender with soap and water and turning it on to let it clean itself, lining the shelves in the fridge with cling film to make messy spillages easier to clean up and using fluffy socks to dust around the house are just some of the life-hacks put forward by social media users.

With many of us about to embark on a well-earned holiday, there are a few hotel-room cleaning hacks that are well worth noting. A recent news report uncovered some nasty truths about how hotel cleaning staff carry out their day-to-day duties. With the help of hidden cameras, some cleaners have been caught washing glasses and mugs in the bathroom sink using only cold tap water, neglecting to change pillowcases and using the same dirty towel to not only wipe down the tub, sink and toilet, but also the countertops in the bedroom. Such cross-contamination can pose serious health risks, so when packing your suitcase, be sure to include a few washcloths, some hand sanitiser and a clean pillowcase. Use the washcloths and hand sanitiser to wipe everything down, including the light switches and yes… even the TV remote. 

On the subject of holidays, imagine being so good at cleaning that your services take you abroad to assist in the housekeeping duties of a millionaire’s mansion. Luke Rayner, who owns Harvard Window Cleaning, impressed one of his clients so much that he was hired to travel to Majorca to clean the windows of a huge holiday home. With his company based in Sandbanks, Rayner is used to cleaning the windows of impressively large houses and his hard work and high quality services are obviously so good that he now gets to clean windows whilst enjoying the Mediterranean sun.