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There is both art and science involved in cleaning a hotel room efficiently and effectively. So much so, that most large hotel chains have detailed instructions, procedures and timings for their staff. The aim is to clean the room to an expert standard in as short a time as possible; most hotels will aim for thirty minutes per room.

There’s no shortage of equipment required either. You will have seen a maid’s cart during a stay at a hotel, but did you know it will probably carry:

• A dirty laundry bag
• A waste receptacle
• A vacuum cleaner
• Cleaning cloths
• Paper towels 
• Dusters (hand-held and extension models)
• A mop 
• Cleaning products, including air freshener, antibacterial cleaner, spray disinfectant, furniture polish, glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, bath, shower and basin cleaners
• Paper products—facial and toilet tissue, sanitary napkin or tampon disposal bags
• Waste basket liners
• Room glasses
• Bed linen 
• Towels—wash, hand and bath sizes
• A bathmat
• Gloves (for room cleaner)
• Guest soap, shampoo and shower gel 

It makes sense to empty the room of waste and collect the used bed linen and towels first. Usually high areas of the room are dusted next, so that any falling dust has time to settle before the room is vacuumed. Then the bathroom will be cleaned from top to bottom, mirrors polished and the bathroom restocked with clean towels, toilet roll (folded to a point at the end, of course!), toiletries and tissues. Finally the floor will be mopped, from the farthest corner to the doorway, so that once completed, the cleaner won’t have to enter that room again.

In the main bedroom area, the windows, windowsills and any blinds are now cleaned, followed by furnishings such as desk, dressing table, headboards, nightstands and equipment like the television, alarm clock and telephone. 

Glasses and any refreshment trays will be re-stocked now, and the bed will be remade with fresh linens, after the mattress has been smoothed and often sprayed with a fabric disinfectant.

Finally, the room will be vacuumed, paying special attention to high-traffic areas, but not forgetting the corners of the room and areas under furniture.

All this activity within just 30-60 minutes takes skill and practice – and for many hotel chains, a large, heavy instruction manual!