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Cleaning Food Premises – To Clean or to Disinfect?

So, you’ve scrubbed and swept and your kitchen is gleaming; that’s the job finished, right? Well, actually, no. When it comes to food premises, cleaning is only the first stage in the process. You now need to deal with bacteria that can be present even though the kitchen looks clean. This second stage is called disinfection, and you need heat or chemicals to kill those germs.

The Right Chemical for the Job

On the subject of chemicals, let’s take a look at three main types: detergents should only be used in the cleaning stage because they aren’t capable of killing bacteria; disinfectant is what you need to kill bacteria in the disinfection stage; and a third type is sanitiser – a product that is capable of cleaning and disinfecting at the same time. Handy to know!

Get Organised with a Cleaning Schedule

Food premises typically house a range of different appliances, and there’s a lot to remember in order to keep them all clean and bacteria-free. You need something that will help you stay organised. A Cleaning Schedule is basically a plan, usually in the form of a table, which sets out what, when and how something should be cleaned. So, for example, a schedule would show how often the Food Display Cabinet should be cleaned and what detergents should be used to do the job. It’s a useful tool, and worth pinning to the wall so that everyone in the kitchen can see it.

Food Premises Cleaning Certificate – Learn the Best Ways to Clean

It’s clear that there’s more to cleaning food premises than meets the eye. In fact, improper cleaning methods can cause more problems than they solve because there’s a risk of transferring bacteria from one place to another. This cross-contamination can lead to food poisoning. Luckily, there’s a great way to learn about the best ways to clean – by studying for the Food Premises Cleaning Certificate which is awarded by the British Institute of Cleaning Science. You can chose to cover the basics as well as more specialist tasks such as cleaning a Bain Marie or a Deep Fat Fryer. Why not consider the certificate for your staff? Investing in their skills is a great way to motivate them by showing that you value their role.