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Cleaning your house at Christmas is probably the last thing you want to think about when there’s all the food preparation and present buying to be done, but it’s also one of the main things that will make you feel uneasy when guests come round. 

So how do you get it done quickly and professionally? Well, obviously, the best possible solution is to call in the professionals and put your feet up with a mince pie and a glass of sherry. The next best is to follow the tips below that condense that professional advice to make sure your Christmas is sparkling in all the best ways.

Get rid of clutter

Some people have rules about “one gift in, one gift out” so that they don’t have unused gifts sitting around that someone else can use. Even if you’re not that strict, sorting out obvious clutter is the best start you can make. Pack away things that haven’t been used in a while, clear the surfaces, and remove anything precious that might get broken in the festivities. It also makes it easier to get down to work. 

Open the windows

Yes, it’s December, and yes, it’s cold outside, but whilst you do everything else, give the house its last airing for the holidays. You’ll be disturbing dust and cobwebs, so it’ll be good to get some ventilation.


Time to get down to actual cleaning. With a damp cloth, wipe everything you can see! Using a damp cloth will help to get the loose dust, and makes all the difference to getting rid of the maximum amount of dirt. Wipe surfaces, blinds, tables, window sills- wipe anything and everything! Then stand back and be proud.

Vacuum till you drop

If you leave the vacuuming till last, you’ll be able to get any dirt disturbed before. Move sofas, chairs, tables, and make sure that you have covered the whole floor. 
So there it is. Time to warm up the mulled wine, and enjoy Christmas. The tidying up will wait till later.