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Awnings and canopies are some of the most visible structures on the outside of any building. Although they will serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, it is also an unfortunate fact that over time, they can become faded and discoloured. So, regular cleaning and maintenance of these items is necessary to capture their allure and to extend their lifespan. At Assertio Cleaning Services, we are happy to provide bespoke and quality options that will address the exact needs of any customer. 

A Thorough Approach

We should first note that each awning or canopy will require its very own unique approach when being cleaned. Still, we will perform various tasks including:

  • A rinsing, soaping and brushing of the tops of the units.
  • A thorough removal of all excess dirt and debris.
  • The elimination of any detergents used.
  • A cleaning of sidewalks or patios located underneath once the job is completed.

There may also be times when the underside of an awning or canopy will need attention. Our skilled technicians will determine if this is necessary and offer the relevant services. Under certain circumstances, a protective coating may also be applied to extend the lifespan of the structure in question.

Why Regular Maintenance?

The most obvious reason that canopies and awnings should be cleaned regularly is that their outward appearance will be enhanced. Still, such maintenance also provides a functional benefit. Over time, dirt and debris can build up and permeate fabric. This will lead to a stiffening (and perhaps a cracking) of the material; drastically reducing the longevity of the awning. Also, this very same debris can become caught in mechanisms (such as those used in retractable awnings). This will cause needless wear and tear on moving parts. Not only could this void an existing warranty, but the eventual repairs needed can cost a great deal of time and money.

So, it is obvious that awning and canopy cleaning are excellent preventative measures that should be performed on a regular basis. Assertio Cleaning Services is more than happy to address the requirements of any location.