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In a recent survey, full time employees were asked what they found to be the most irritating, rage enticing habits of their co workers. While complaints range from gum chomping to sloppy work spaces, some universal habits stood out. After much inconsideration, the list has been narrowed down to include the top five most annoying habits of co workers.

5. Coming to work late, again

Habitual tardiness among co workers is a highly annoying quality. While most employees make to work on time each morning, others assume that starting times are just guidelines. Those employees that are on time find it irritating to cover those who are consistently late.

4. Taking Long and Excessive Breaks

An important customer calls the office for the third time requesting to speak to Bob. The irritated customer states that the matter is urgent and they have already left two messages which were not returned. Bob is away from his desk and outside smoking for the forth time this morning. Co workers find this behavior annoying and lazy, and it irritates customers too.

3. Lack of Phone Etiquette

Co workers cite improper phone usage as an annoying behavior. No one in the office enjoys hearing the loud details of your date with Mr. Perfect, how you finally mastered Owling, or the color of your child’s sputum. 

2. Kissing Up to the Boss

Whether you call it sucking up or brown nosing, no one likes the co worker that kisses up to the boss. Whether you are pretentiously flattering the boss every chance you get or being the over eager volunteer for every menial task available, co workers see through this behavior. 

1. Offensive Eating Habits

Nothing irritates fellow coworkers more than the employee who demonstrates offensive eating habits. Whether you are microwaving smelly, day old halibut in the community microwave and stinking up the office, or smacking and chewing with your mouth open as you devour it like a buzzard on road kill, bad table manners are the number one annoyance at work.