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How to Tidy up Office Clutter

Office clutter is a very common occurrence and yet it is very easy to remove it and create a much more professional atmosphere for employees and visitors alike.” Here are a few tips to help you banish untidiness from your office spaces.

Announce a clutter-free week and engage everyone at once!

It is very important to ensure that everyone in the office is on board with your drive to tidy up office clutter. If everyone starts by tidying his or her own workspace, your mission for a clutter-free zone will be off to a great start.

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Helpful Hints to Cleaning rust from Silverware

Rust is a nuisance, and this is especially true when it comes to silverware. Rust is the result of iron oxidizing and occurs to any iron item that is exposed to both oxygen and water. So if you ever plan on washing your silverware using water and letting that silverware dry in the open air, you’ve got a potential for rust. 

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Cleaning tips in housekeeping

Hiding Marks On Wood

There are a variety of ways that marks on wood can be hidden from view through simple DIY methods. A mixture of boiling water and instant coffee can do wonders for scratches on dark wood, for instance. Both the coffee and water should be mixed together in a small container, until the mixture resembles a frothy cup of coffee! The mixture should then be applied to the scratches via a clean cloth. After the mixture has worked its magic, use a clean cloth to buff the relevant areas. Another, and traditional, method of removing marks on wood surfaces is by rubbing the underside of a walnut shell on them. 

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Ebola Prevention and Cleaning

With the Ebola crisis becoming more serious with every passing day as new cases are diagnosed in an ever greater number of geographic locations, it is vital that everyone be aware of the correct techniques to use to prevent Ebola from spreading. Ebola is highly contagious and carries with it a high mortality rate. By following the tips outlined below which detail the best practices to follow to avoid catching Ebola, you will gain peace of mind through knowing you’ve taken all possible steps to keep yourself safe and healthy.

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