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Offices; Lunch Boxes & Bacteria

With many office workers succumbing to workload, peer or management pressure and deciding to either skip lunch in favour of snacks in packets and crunch bars, or (time permitting) to open their sandwich box at their desk, offices are becoming more and more unhygienic. This, of course, leads to potential illness and lost productivity or sick leave. Recent research has highlighted a number of invisible yet highly significant bacterial hotspots in our seemingly benign places of work. 

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Cleaning Hacks for Busy People

While no-one likes a dirty living environment, there a few people out there who actually relish the cleaning process. If you’ve got high standards but you’re pressed for time, this article is for you.

Cleaning Your Microwaves and Your Washing-Up Sponges in One Easy Step
It’s well known that washing up sponges and cloths harbour bacteria: any damp cloth, especially one with food particles on it, is going to be a haven for nasties. Rather than wastefully throwing old sponges away, rinse them in hot water and place them in the microwave with a little dash of vinegar on top. Heat the sponges on high to kill the germs, and at the same time you’ll create steam in the microwave which you can wash away, leaving everything fresh.

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How Many Hours Do People Spend Cleaning?

Have you ever had the feeling that once you start house cleaning there seems to be no end? You’re not alone. A study found that in Britain people spend an average of five hours a week cleaning their homes. Women actually spend more time overall cleaning than men. They spend on average 5hrs and 25 minutes cleaning the house as opposed to men who clean just under 4 hours. Britons spend over £ 1 Billion pounds annually on cleaning products.

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The Household Chores We Can’t Endure

According to the Express, the one household chore that Brits hate the most is cleaning the oven. Think about what your oven goes through in a typical six month period: all that splashed fat from weekend grilled bacon, sauce from a Sunday roast, burned-on sugar from all those cupcakes it’s so fashionable to bake. If you’ve left it longer, it’s only going to be worse- and with overpowderingly strong chemicals, endless black stuff to scrub away, and the possibility of irritations and burns, it’s not surprising that no-one can stand the task, particularly in smaller kitchens that are harder to air out. 

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