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A Practical Cleaning Guide Via Mumsnet


We’d all like to live inside the pages of an interior design magazine. You know the ones, with the spotless white sofa, the coffee table with just one artfully placed objet d’art and a copy of Elle Decoration and the acres of polished oak flooring stretching on for ever without a half empty coffee mug or abandoned child’s toy anywhere in sight.

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Cleaning Robots and Other News


Technological advancement often blurs the borders of reality and science fiction and we see more and more evidence of that in our homes, offices, and cars. Images of robots cleaning our homes have been around for decades , but will it ever happen? And, if it does, will it be safe? To consider this Google researchers from their deep learning unit Google Brain are looking into AI (artificial intelligence) and have considered that very question.

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After Party Cleanup and Other News


People are messy; and when they’re having fun they can make even more mess! The traditional house party presents an enormous opportunity for a tidy, organised home to be turned upside down and cleaning up afterwards can be a huge task for hosts. That’s why a New Zealand company became inundated with work after starting up.

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